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HVAC Contractors Always Have a Job

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4 AC Repair Services You May Need To Keep Your Home Cool During A Heatwave

When the outdoor temperature soars, you rely on your AC to keep you cool indoors. If the weather is exceptionally hot, it can be dangerous to go without air conditioning, especially if you're a senior or have a medical condition. That's why it's so important to keep up with AC repairs.

Not fixing a minor repair when it's needed could cause a major part to fail, and then you'll be hot, sweaty, and miserable. Here are some AC repair services that could be needed to help your equipment make it through a heatwave.

1. Replace A Bad Capacitor In The Condenser

Replacing a faulty capacitor is one of the more common AC repairs, especially during a heatwave when your AC has to run more. The condenser parts get hotter than usual during a heatwave, and that puts strain on the capacitor and makes it more likely to go bad.

When the capacitor malfunctions, it should be replaced promptly. The capacitor helps start the fan and compressor, so it's a valuable part. Without it, the fan motor might burn out, and then the condenser will get even hotter. That could cause the compressor to fail too.

2. Replace A Blown Fuse

It's common for an AC fuse in the disconnect box to blow, especially when the weather is hot. Hot weather can affect the electrical grid, and fluctuations in power can be harmful to your air conditioner parts. Surges can cause a lot of damage, but when a fuse blows, this helps protect the electrical system in your air conditioner.

When a fuse blows, your condenser won't start up, so a bad fuse has to be repaired right away. You can change the fuse yourself if you know how. Otherwise, call an AC repair service for help.

3. Improve Ventilation

Air needs to circulate freely through the condenser and air handler for your equipment to work properly. This is especially important when the outdoor temperature is high because the ventilation helps keep the AC parts cooler.

The AC repair service may need to open up bent fins on the condenser, improve airflow around the condenser by removing obstructions, and change the filter. The more ventilation through your AC, the better.

4. Fill The Refrigerant

If your refrigerant is low due to a slow leak, the AC can't work very well, even when temperatures are mild. A low level of refrigerant during a heatwave could mean your home will be stuffy and hot. To fix this problem, the AC repair service may need to fix the leak first and then fill the refrigerant. Full refrigerant helps your system cool your home optimally.