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HVAC Contractors Always Have a Job

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3 Benefits Of Conducting A Home Energy Audit

Since it's now clear that global warming and climate change are actual environmental concerns and not just trends that will be replaced by the next big story, more homeowners are taking interest in eco-friendly living. It's delightful to see households actively make decisions and adopt domestic practices that will lower their carbon footprint.

If you're new in the eco-friendly living space and you're wondering where to start, consider conducting a home energy audit. This is because your home's energy performance determines the residence's overall carbon footprint. Continue reading to learn how conducting a home energy efficiency audit will benefit your household.

1. Understand Your Energy Usage and Identify Potential Energy-Saving Opportunities

The whole premise behind a home energy audit is to give you a report that breaks down your home's energy consumption. This is perfect for anyone who wants to adopt eco-friendly living because understanding your energy usage is the first step towards energy saving.

The auditors will carefully assess every appliance, fixture and device that is powered by the various forms of energy you use at home. Their intention will be to identify loopholes that encourage energy wastage and use the knowledge gathered to recommend energy-saving practices and improvements.

Depending on the energy audit report, your household will need to make small changes like switching off light bulbs when they're not in use or invest in significant home improvements like upgrading to double-pane windows or restoring your roofing system.

2. Increase Indoor Comfort

In identifying the loopholes that encourage energy wastage, your auditor will help you discover the malfunctions in your HVAC system that's forcing it to consume more energy to achieve desired room temperatures. This offers you a unique opportunity to tune up the heating and cooling unit which not only increases your home's energy performance but also increases indoor comfort.

An efficient HVAC unit will ensure you don't have to endure inconsistent room temperatures or a noisy equipment due to hidden malfunctions you have no idea about. The auditor will also recommend routine HVAC servicing to ensure your home's excellent energy performance and indoor comfort is sustainable.

3. Increase Home's Resale Value

If you're contemplating putting your residential property on the market, you should invest in home improvement projects that increase its resale value. And what better way to persuade a qualified home buyer to take your property off the market than guarantee excellent energy performance?

But you can also make this guarantee if you've actually conducted a home energy audit and have evidence showing that you followed the auditor's recommendations to lower your home's overall energy consumption. Taking the initiative to understand your home's energy consumption and boost its energy performance increases its resale value and is guaranteed to get the property off the market fast.

Now that you know the importance of lowering your home's energy consumption, don't hesitate to commission a home energy audit.