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HVAC Contractors Always Have a Job

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Home AC Repairs: Do You Have A Problem With Your Suction Line?

If your indoor air conditioning unit freezes up daily, check the suction line for problems. The suction line keeps your indoor AC unit in good working order by removing heat from it. If the line leaks or experiences another issue, the indoor unit will freeze. Learn more about suction lines and what you can do about the leak in your line below.

What Does a Suction Line Do?

Refrigerant relies on two types of lines or closed circuits to keep your home cool, including a suction line. The suction line looks similar to a large copper plumbing pipe. The line relies on a thick layer of insulation to keep it cool in the summer. If something compromises the line, frost or blocks of ice will form on the surface of your evaporator coil. 

The suction line absorbs heat from the evaporator coil and transports it to the large condenser unit outside your home. But in order for the suction line to perform properly, it must be free of anything that can leak or obstruct the circulation of refrigerant, including nicks, kinks, dents, and cracks.

The insulation covering the line should also be clean and in good condition. Torn, loose, or even degraded insulation can make the line sweat or back up with cold air.

A frozen evaporator coil will shut down your entire cooling system without the proper repairs. You can keep your cooling system up and running by having a technician check your suction line today.

What Can a Contractor Do For You?

An air conditioning repair technician will do several critical things during the visit, including checking the suction line. If the suction line feels hot to the touch, a contractor will replace the line's insulated sleeve or covering. New insulation should solve the issue at hand. 

If insulation isn't the cause of your suction line or evaporator coil's problems, a contractor may recommend you replace the suction line immediately. Copper can break down or degrade over time. 

A contractor may also need to remove the evaporator coil from the unit and give it a thorough cleaning. Debris circulating through your home can gradually make its way inside the unit and clog up the coil. Regular cleanings should keep the coil free of debris throughout the year.

If you need to remove ice from your evaporator coil or repair your suction line, contact an air conditioning contractor today.

For more information on AC repair, contact a professional near you.