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HVAC Contractors Always Have a Job

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Saving Money By Installing Ductless Air Conditioning In Your Home

If you are considering installing air conditioning in your home but you are concerned about having to install air ducts, you may want to look at a ductless air conditioning system. These systems do not require air ducts of any kind and allow you to install the system in zones to better control the temperature within your home.

System Components

Ductless air conditioning systems, often called mini-splits, is made up of an air conditioning head unit that goes in the room and a heat pump that remains outside of the home. Instead of using aid ducts, each room has a unit that mounts to an outside wall and draws air in from an air intake that passes through the wall, to the outside of the home.

Because each unit is controlled separately, you can set the temperature in one room higher or lower than in other rooms of the home. If you like it cooler for sleeping at night than a roommate or family member, you can set the temperature in your room lower without affecting anyone else in the house. 

System Installation

While these mini-split systems do not require air ducts throughout the house, you do need to run some tubing from the air conditioner on the wall to the heat pump outside. Most systems use soft rubber tubing with special quick disconnect ends that you can route through the attic or in the basement of the home. 

The tubing attaches to the heat pump outside the home and is small enough that most people find running the tubing and wiring into the home through the same hole works very well and allows you to drill a single home near the heat pump unit. 

Systems for Small Homes

For small homes or single spaces, the ductless air conditioning system is great because they don't take up a lot of room and are relatively inexpensive, and a single air conditioner system is pretty straightforward to install. If you own an older home that just does not have the room for installing ductwork, this is a great solution that can afford you the air conditioning you want in the summer. 

These mini-splits are often used in campers, tiny homes, and office spaces as well. Many of them are wi-fi enabled, so changing the temperature in the room is possible with your phone or a wi-fi remote that comes with the air conditioning unit. The heat pump is small enough to mount on the outer wall of the building, allowing the entire system to be mobile if the building is.

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