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HVAC Contractors Always Have a Job

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3 Summer Plumbing Problems To Watch For

The summer season is a favorite for many people. Warm temperatures and sunny days make summer activities enjoyable. Along with appreciating the benefits summer can offer, it's important to recognize that summer can take a toll on your plumbing system.

Homeowners could face some plumbing issues during the summer months that will require the attention of a professional plumber. Know what to watch for so that you can address summer plumbing problems quickly and efficiently.

1. Clogged Drains

Although a clog can form in your drains at any time of the year, drains are especially susceptible to clogging during the summer months. This is a direct result of the increase in daily use that often occurs during the summer.

School is out and adults are taking more vacation days to be with family during the summer months. This means that more people will be at home during the day, which increases the amount of use plumbing fixtures see on average. More use means more opportunity for food, hair, and other substances to clog up drains.

A professional who specializes in plumbing services should be called in at the beginning of summer to clean out your home's drains to prevent clogs as use increases.

2. Damaged Sewer Lines

Another plumbing problem that you need to be mindful of during the summer months is damage to your home's sewer lines. The sewer lines that drain waste from your home into a septic tank or municipal sewer system are buried beneath your yard.

Many homeowners like to plant gardens filled with nutritious vegetables and colorful flowers or shrubs during the summer. Tilling up the ground in preparation for a garden could cause you to damage your sewer lines.

Work with an experienced plumber to identify the location of all sewer and gas lines running below the surface of your yard so that you can plant in an area that is far enough away from sewer lines to avoid the potential for damage.

3. Leaking Outdoor Fixtures

Outdoor spigots, sprinklers, and other fixtures lie dormant during the cold winter months. It is possible that these outdoor fixtures could develop some rust or other damage during the winter that will result in leaking water when you put the fixtures to use in summer.

Have a plumber complete a thorough inspection of all outdoor fixtures to determine their structural integrity. Replace any damaged fixtures to prevent summer leaks and reduce the amount of water that your family wastes this summer.