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HVAC Contractors Always Have a Job

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3 DIY AC Maintenance Projects To Reduce Wear And Save Energy

The summer months are when you use your AC the most, and they are also when your AC is going to need more maintenance. Some of the maintenance and repairs will need to be done by an HVAC professional to ensure they are done correctly. Minor maintenance is something that you can do on your own, such as changing the filters frequently or cleaning the AC unit. Here are some DIY maintenance projects that will help reduce wear and save energy this summer:

1. Enclose Your AC for An Aesthetic Improvement That Protects the Unit

The condensing unit of your AC is what produces the cold air that is circulated inside your home. It is located outdoors, where it is exposed to the elements and surrounding environment. The AC unit can also be an unsightly addition to your landscaping, which is why building an enclosure around it is a good solution to improve the aesthetic appearance of your home and to protect the air conditioner from the outdoor environment. Building an enclosure is a great way to protect your unit and help improve its energy efficiency.

2. Duct Repairs and Insulation Improvements to Prevent Energy Loss

The ducts of your AC are another area where maintenance may need to be done. The ducts should be insulated to prevent energy loss. Over time, this insulation can be damaged and will need to be repaired. You can easily repair damage to the insulation of ducts to stop energy loss during the hot summer months. While you are doing repairs to the ducts, other insulation improvements can also be done to improve the energy efficiency of your home. If you have a crawl space, consider encapsulation to improve the thermal barrier of your home and stop energy loss. For the attic, consider updating insulation to improve energy efficiency.

3. Make Your AC More Efficient by Changing Filters and Cleaning the Condensing Unit

During the summer months, the routine maintenance of your AC needs to be done regularly. Change the filter of your AC more frequently during this time to ensure good airflow and efficiency. In addition, the outdoor unit may get dirty during this time, which can cause problems with your AC and reduce efficiency. Clean the unit a couple of times during the summer months to ensure your AC is working efficiently.

These are some DIY AC maintenance projects to reduce wear and save energy when you use your air conditioner the most. If you need help with maintenance and air conditioning repair, contact an HVAC service to ensure your air conditioner is ready for another hot summer.