HVAC Contractors Always Have a JobHVAC Contractors Always Have a Job

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HVAC Contractors Always Have a Job

When you are trained in HVAC services you will always be able to find employment. No matter what the country's economic situation, people will always need heating and air conditioning services. My name is Tanya, and I work as an HVAC technician. I always have more work than I can handle, and I bring home a good paycheck to my family. When you are trained as an HVAC contractor or technician, you will have skills that are unique and in demand. This blog will tell you how to find proper training and how to get a job once you have completed your education.

The Importance Of A Clean Blower

Homeowners are bound to have more problems with their air conditioning system if they don't also service the furnace. Most central AC is partly powered and controlled by the blower unit inside the furnace cabinet. The blower isn't necessarily part of the furnace because it doesn't heat air, but since it's usually located inside or connected to the furnace cabinet, some people don't think to actually service it when they're having air conditioning issues. They think it only has to do with heat, so they don't service it.

If you do clean your blower, it will improve airflow for both your heat and air conditioning. The blower can use a lot of electricity because it is such a large electrical component, so some basic service is definitely worth investing in if you are trying to reduce your utility bills.

Shutting Down the Power

Furnace blowers are actually very easy to work on; you just want to make sure that you turn off the power before doing anything. Even if your thermostat is off, you should play it safe and actually cut the power to the unit so there is no risk of it powering on. The blower has large fan blades that are very dangerous once they get going.

Cleaning the Blower

You do not need to turn off the pilot light to work on the blower. Once you have shut down your power and you're ready to clean the blower, you don't really need any special tools or supplies. All you really need to properly clean a blower is a hose vacuum and some damp rags. Focus on cleaning the fan blades and all of the surfaces inside the empty compartment. There is also a motor with vents near the base of the fan that is the most important to clean. Dust can accumulate here because the airflow caused by the motor can draw dust.

When you have finished cleaning your blower, you need to remember to turn the power back on. You don't want to turn on the thermostat before the furnace power is back on. Of course, the furnace blower is only one part of the AC system. However, the system is highly interconnected. If the blower is working to maximum capacity, the evaporator or condenser might also struggle to be efficient. Failure to repair the blower can cause premature problems with other vital elements.

Learn more about these and other maintenance steps for the best heating and air conditioning by contacting a local HVAC contractor.