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HVAC Contractors Always Have a Job

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Air Conditioning Repairs That May Be Necessary When Your AC Trips the Circuit Breaker

An air conditioner that won't run on a hot day is a big problem. If your AC is off because the circuit was tripped, the problem might be minor, but there might also be bigger problems that require extensive repairs. Here are some simple things to check when your AC trips off a breaker, as well as tips for when you should call a service for air conditioning repair.

Check the Filter First

When the circuit breaker trips, it's a signal that too much power was being drawn, so the circuit flipped off to protect your home from fire. A common cause is a dirty filter.

If you forgot to change the filter, it might be caked with dust and cause your AC to struggle to run or to run longer than usual. Change the filter, and your AC may start to run fine again when you flip the breaker back on.

Try to Flip On the Breaker

If you were home when the AC went out, and it was during a storm, or if you have another reason to believe the cause was with the power supply, flip the breaker back on and see if your AC operates normally. First, turn off the AC at the thermostat.

Then flip the breaker back on and wait about thirty minutes before turning the AC back on. This can reset your AC after a power supply problem knocks it offline.

Look for Airflow Blockages

A clogged filter causes problems with an air conditioner because it restricts airflow. Other things can restrict airflow too. Make sure the outside unit has plenty of room around it for airflow and that it's not covered with towels or crowded with weeds.

Check the air handler inside as well as the registers to make sure nothing is trapped against the vents. Airflow can be restricted internally as well by a buildup of dust, so you may need an air conditioning repair technician to give your AC a thorough cleaning to get it to work properly again.

Call a Repair Professional

If you can't find a blockage and the filter is clean, call a repair service rather than attempting to reset the breaker repeatedly. Overheating is another reason your AC can trip a breaker. Overheating might be caused by dust buildup on coils, a fan malfunction in the condenser, or a problem with a blower motor.

An electrical problem could also be to blame. The compressor could be bad or there might be a refrigerant leak. Numerous things can cause your AC to run longer than it's supposed to or to overheat, so the repair technician has to diagnose the problem and figure out the repairs that are needed. Go to website to learn more.