HVAC Contractors Always Have a Job

Key Tips To Caring For Your Home Furnace

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When you want to be sure that your home heating system is working adequately, you’ll need to touch base with some HVAC contractors that can give you the best service. You’ll need to remember a few important points regarding your furnace care, including safety inspections, caring for your thermostat and handling the overall maintenance. To this end, read below and follow these steps so that you are in good hands in terms of your furnace maintenance and repair.  Inspect Your System And Keep It Safe While your system performance...

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Tips For Cleaning A Blower Compartment Of Your HVAC System

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As your HVAC system gets older, it will eventually become less efficient. The components inside, like the filter, fan, evaporator, and condenser coils, can simply wear down as it gets used more. Thankfully, these things are easy to service, which can improve how efficient they are. One aspect you can service on your own is the blower compartments. Here are some tips for cleaning it. Shut Down The Power You should start by shutting down the power going to your furnace. If you have a gas furnace, turn off the pilot light as well. If the furnace...

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Spring Is Almost Here: 3 Reasons You Should Service Your Heater Before You Shut It Down

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Spring will be here before you know it. Now would be a good time to get your heater serviced. Getting your heater serviced in the spring means it will be ready to fire back up when the cooler temperatures return. If it’s been more than a year since you last had your heater serviced, it’s definitely time to take care of that. Failing to keep your heater properly maintained can your heater – and you – at risk for a variety of problems. Here are three reasons why you should have your heater serviced at least once a year. Prevents...

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About An HVAC System With Electrical Problems

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Has your HVAC system that runs off of an electric furnace been problematic lately? Some of the common problems can go without being repaired for a while, but you will need a prompt repair if the cause is electrical. It is actually wise to get the entire HVAC system inspected by an electrician in case your house is at risk of catching fire. In this article, you will learn about some of the possible problem your HVAC system can experience when an electrical problem is present. 1. Too Many Volts Being Sent to the Furnace If your HVAC system has...

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Three Signs That Now Is A Good Time To Install A Natural Gas Furnace

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Many homeowners around the country have decided to switch out oil-burning furnaces for the cheaper and more eco-friendly natural gas furnaces. If you still have an oil furnace in your home, installing a natural gas furnace is a great idea, but as with many things in life, timing is crucial. Here are three signs that now is a great time to install one of these gas furnaces in your home. 1. Your oil furnace needs replacing anyway Although a natural gas furnace can likely pay for itself within a few years simply by costing less to run,...

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Get Air Duct Cleaning Before Moving Into Your New Home

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After getting a home inspection and finding out that the home is fine and ready to be moved into, you may be ready to pack your belongings, rent a moving truck, and hit the road. However, you can get a service or two before you move in to avoid problems after you have settled in, such as air duct cleaning. If you’re unsure of what kinds of benefits come with getting air duct cleaning before you step foot into your new home, consider the following so that you can be confident with the air quality in your home and the following benefits...

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Before You Call For A/C Repair, Check For These Situations

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It’s easy to feel a little panicked when you realize that your air conditioned home isn’t as cool as it’s supposed to be. While help in the form of an HVAC professional is just a phone call away, it’s generally a good idea to perform a few simple checks to make sure there’s indeed an issue with your air conditioner. You don’t have to be overly familiar with how the unit works, so don’t worry about having to roll up your sleeves, grab some tools and step outside your comfort zone. Instead, simply...

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Go Shady On Your AC Condenser Coils

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Your AC condenser coils are located on the outside of your house. The reason for this is that they have to cool the superheated refrigerant enough that it condenses back to a liquid and is ready to travel back to the evaporator. There are several factors that can combine to undermine the efficiency of your AC coils. Simply shading your coils can vastly improve the efficiency of your unit.  Performance Problems with Hot Coils On the inside of your coils, you have a fan that pushes air through the rows of fins that make up the coils. As...

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How To Properly Clean Condenser Coils

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With summer quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to get your air conditioning system up to par. A malfunctioning air conditioner is not only annoying and uncomfortable, it can also become quite expensive. Often, an air conditioner will run longer in order to reach the desired temperature set on the thermostat. Since air conditioners suck up so much energy, this can end up being very expensive. This article explains how to make your air conditioner a little more efficient by cleaning the condenser coils. Clean the Condenser Coils The...

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How Can An Oversized Air Conditioner Contribute To Water Intrusion Into Your Home?

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It can be tempting as a homeowner to buy a larger-than-necessary air conditioner with the hope that your home will cool off more quickly. However, purchase of an oversized air conditioner is one of the factors that can contribute to water intrusion in the home. Knowing why purchasing an oversized air conditioner can be a problem can help you avoid a costly mistake. How can an oversized air conditioner contribute to water intrusion in your home? Air conditioners are designed to do two jobs at once: cool the air, and dehumidify. This...

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